Sunday, May 17, 2015

New Release Fun & Exclusive Chapters!

So if you don’t know who Bex Aaron is then that makes me really sad. A brilliant writer and a great friend, her fourth book in the Independence Day series is out now!

Now, to give back to her writer friends as well as promoting her new (terribly awesome) book, Dirty Little Secret, she invited a few of us over on her release weekend to show off our books. If you guys found this blog through that page, then that’s fantastic, but if you didn’t you should totally go check it out: here.

Not sure you want to? Well, that’s cool, but you’ll be missing out on Bex (which is a sad, sad thing) and you’ll be missing out on the first chapter of Forgiving Zander that was posted exclusively to her event.

Monday, May 11, 2015

Elusive Time, Compliments, & Working Hard

I’m pretty tired today even though I had a lie in. My list of things to do keeps growing. Also, our place looks a mess and I seem to constantly run out of time to tidy it on top of everything else that I have to do. Basically, right now, I’m just really exhausted, but I have to go on. However, this is not meant to be a complain-y post.

Instead, this is supposed to be a post where I update you on my life, as usual. I know, I know… I missed the usual deadline of trying to achieve this a week or less since my last post, but I assure that it wasn’t to deny you my wonderful (ahaha, I joke) ramblings.

Instead, it was just a signifier that I have a lot to do right now.