Thursday, November 19, 2009

Ethereal Entity #13

"& still you turn my world on its axis."

Last night was a bad night. I am okay, though. It's just stress and strain. I'm trying not to write an emo post. All I ever seem to do when I post in here is be emo and I don't mean to be. I don't mean to whine etc. I just use this place to collate my thoughts and yeah... I only go on about him because I do miss him. And yeah, he was right about the fact that we connected so easily - but that is fine. It will be fine. I'm probably just lonely. That's what it is. Yeah. Except it's 'cause I miss him.

And Jonno is avoiding me. He has his online status hidden to me on facebook and I'm pretty sure he thinks that means I won't know that he's online. :roll: I mean, really, come on... How thick does he think I am? With my slight paranoia and analytical skills, I can deduce whether he's online or not, even if he does hide. I get sick of people avoiding me like that. I'm not a dufus. I've learnt the art of figuring out what people are doing online even if they think they're being discrete. I guess I can understand why the little chicken shit is hiding, though. Blegh. I hate men so much... and yet, I know a lot more lads than lasses that I talk to. =/


Mafia game is ongoing again and I'm in charge this time. RedChu is already dead and NAL only just survived. I'm hoping they're all enjoying having me in charge for a change and my little changeover stories.

I need some chocolate. =(

Thursday, November 05, 2009

Ethereal Entity #12

I can't tell if I'm crying because my heart is broken or because I miss him...

Or a mixture of both.

Y'know, we didn't do all that much talking. I know that there was a lot more sex than talking but I miss the talking and being with him more than anything else... I miss his eyes.. the pitch of his voice when he's joking... and the deep pull in it sometimes... I miss the curve of his mouth when he smiles... I miss being able to speak to him everyday... I miss snuggling up and watching tv... I miss the strange things you do with your eyebrows when you're thinking...