Monday, February 27, 2012

2nd #SatSunTails Winners!

& so we have our second #SatSunTails winner!

I’ll hold another one next weekend and hope slightly more people enter. If you can help by promoting it on your blogs, twitter, G+, facebook etc, that would be great.

But for now, let’s get to the winners!

Saturday, February 25, 2012

2nd #SatSunTails

Welcome to the second #SatSunTails microfiction competition.

If you haven’t had a go before at this writing challenge, then please don’t hesitate to try this weekend.

Friday, February 24, 2012

Valentine Fiction 4 of 4


Engraving Hearts

The duct tape stopped him from moving, hands strapped to the worn fabric of the old Volvo. He wondered who would find him. Scratch that. He wondered if anyone would find him.

She’d parked the car a long way from anything.

Any other day he might have appreciated the vibrant grasses and the soft melody of the great outdoors, but today? Today he wished he’d got her something more expensive than a locket.

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Birthday Post

It’s an hour and 12 minutes into my birthday… and I’ve spent them deleting and untagging someone from my life. Every photo I took of that band no longer has him tagged in it and any of him on his own are gone. GONE.

Even photos from when I met him for the very first time. There are probably a couple I’ve missed, granted, but mostly they’re gone.

I’m just not doing it any more.

Sunday, February 19, 2012

1st SatSun Tails Winners

& so we have our first #SatSunTails winner! I must say that for a moment there I was worried there weren’t going to be enough entries, but I’m glad that it’s turned out okay in the end.

It’s also really nice to see so many supportive comments in replies to participants pieces. In fact, it’s something I don’t feel we see enough of in similar blog competitions. I’ll hold another one next weekend and hope slightly more people enter. If you can help by promoting it on your blogs etc, that would be great.

But for now, let’s get to the winners!

Saturday, February 18, 2012

1st SatSun Tails

So we’ll see how this goes for my first blog competition thing. If you read my previous post then you may already know about it and what it concerns. I’ll be this week’s judge.

I may even select a few other people to be judges in the coming weeks (there will be heavy vetting but no heavy petting), but this depends on how well it goes.

And there is the badge I made. To promote/find other participants you may use the twitter hashtag #SatSunTails. And yes… Tails does refer to the Sonic character that I drew on the badge ('cause I think he’s cute).

Thursday, February 16, 2012

Valentine Fiction 3 of 4


Following Alice Down The Rabbit Hole

Dead memories screamed, cloying the grey air. Happy Valentines he’d said. She laughed without feeling. The fairground was empty.

Her fingers ran over the decaying ponies, their merry heads loosed from their bodies. They were still laughing in silent agony where once children had patted their painted muzzles. We hadn’t been to the scene of that crime in years, but you always come back to your first.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Proposal.

Look. I even got you an engagement ring. You see how serious I am?

Sooooo…. I’m not sure how many people really visit my blog on a regular basis or how many would be interested in this, thus… I am putting forth a proposal.

Brace yourselves!

Monday, February 13, 2012

Late Night & Waking

I hate waking after a night out. The light hitting my eyes is filled with self-loathing and defeat, a thousand pains and what-ifs and whys. I hate waking to find my bed empty because you're not there after dreams where we're talking. We reminisce.

I hate waking with the wish that I hadn't left the house, ruined myself with alcohol and guilt. But why do I feel guilty when you're the one who did it? This guilt that I feel when every guy hits on me or people try to get me to let some nice fella buy me a drink or take me home. This horrible, revolting guilt... like I'm being unfaithful to you. And I never was.

Sunday, February 12, 2012

Valentine Fiction 2 of 4


Sweet Misery

Je t’adore…

The Eiffel tower whispered as she dozed on the balcony deckchair. He watched the soft beat of breath rise and fall in her chest. Mottled sky stared in. He didn’t move from the edge of the bed, hands clasped in his lap.

The bed sheets were ruffled, lying in rippled waves of long dead ecstasy, swirled around a box of half-eaten chocolates. She’d discarded them at the first opportunity.

Just like his love.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

Full Moon

And I’m feeling rough. Not sure why. My brain has been all over the place. I keep forgetting things – even when I’m in the place that I want to be for the things I’ve forgotten, but even though I know there is something missing my brain is just not getting it.

I also feel sickly and headachey, though. Perhaps I am due one of my god awful nightmares for being so stressed all the time. There just doesn’t seem to be a moment where I stop, at the minute. Even in my dreams I’m racing around trying to fix stuff.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


…is an awesome word and also what the snow appears to be right now.

Of course this means wrapping up warmly in my winter jumper again (as you can see above) and taking little white doggies out for walks in the beautiful snowfall. It’s quite lovely, actually, walking them in the dark with the silence and the glitter of white flakes and the lack of people.

Saturday, February 04, 2012

Valentine Fiction 1 of 4


First & Last

She closed her eyes, not waiting long to feel the soft curve of heat press gently against her lips. He tasted of every fantasised kiss but so much better. The raw gentleness of his mouth tested her, finding her tentative response with surprise, but didn’t withdraw.

Instead he kissed her again, as if checking that the first was real and wanted. Lips moved in the dark with tender reply.